Stepping stones

Come for a Visit

You are always welcome at First Church!  We try to make everyone feel welcome starting with their first visit.  We hope someone made a personal welcome to you.  But if we missed you, please come back and let us try again.  And don’t hesitate to introduce yourself to Pastor Bob or any other smiling face.  We want you to know you are welcome here.

Request a Meeting

Ready to learn more?  We’d love to set up a meeting to discover more about you and what you might need from us. We’ve got a lot to offer so it’ll give us a chance to show off.  Humbly, of course.

Choose Community

We want you to grow in your relationship with God and with others in our community. We have a wonderful mixture of long-time members and newbies which allows new people to fit right in.  Our focus is on acceptance, support, and love.  We are working to form some new small groups available for everyone, in every stage of life.  So regardless of who you are or where you are at in your spiritual journey, you’re welcome with us.

Bring a Friend

When you discover a great new restaurant or app, what’s the first thing you do? Tell a friend, share it on Facebook!  We believe faith and following Jesus is like that; it’s better with friends!  Don’t keep the good news to yourself.  Invite others to follow you and come and learn what it means to follow Jesus.