About Us

First United Church of Christ is an open arms community, Christ centered and caring. Come into our church home and discover how God moves in our lives and in our world every day. Whether you’ve bFirst United Church of Christ in Green Bay, WIeen an active and involved Christian for years or someone who has never been in a church before and is simply curious and searching, you ARE welcome here.

Our faith is over 2000 years old; our thinking isn’t. At First United Church of Christ, we acknowledge the past and celebrate the future. Through hands-on ministries in the community and nation, we respond to social justice issues. Our intentional small groups bring people together with similar interests or needs for fellowship, Bible study, and missional service. Worship allows for creativity and new applications of old scripture, because we believe that God is Still Speaking!  You can read about our mission, vision, and values here.

Everyone is welcome at Christ’s table and everyone is welcome at First United Church of Christ in Green Bay. As you get to know more about us through this web site, we encourage you to hit the Connect button often. Ask us questions. Tell us how we might help you on your spiritual journey. Then, come, and allow us to welcome you into our church family. 

If you wish to communicate with the Church Council, please send your comments to the following email address: council@firstgb.org.