The Executive Council meets once a month, on the Third Thursday at 5:30 p.m.*  If you would like to communicate directly with them, please send an email to:  Keep up to date on what’s happening with the council h

Executive Council members:

President:  Lori Wirtz

Vice President:  Denise Larson

Secretary:  Becky Martzahl

Treasurer: Sally Hansen 

Members: Beth Longley (Membership), Chris Maki (Outreach), Dave Rentmeester (Building & Grounds), Carol Rollin (Christian Education), Dave Thaldorf (Music & Worship), Tia Thomas (at-large)

See below for church committees & their members.  (If your are interested in serving or if your name is not listed and should be, please contact the council at:  

Marketing Committee

Marketing Committee Members: Renea Mertens, Connie Meyer, Chris Maki, and Tammie Zelhofer

Pastor Parish Committee

Pastor Parish Committee Members:  Connie Meyer (Chair), Betty Thaldorf (Secretary), Mike Meyer, and Council President Lori Wirtz

Stewardship Committee

Stewardship Committee Members:  Tom Karman, Pat Truttmann, Michael Wickman, Ken Wirtz, Lori Wirtz

Friends Who Care

Jeanne Vanden Elzen, Vern Kasten, Audrey Salzbrun, Helen Mitchell

Membership Committee

Membership Commitee Members: Beth Longley, Kristen Moreland, Jeanne Van Den Elzen, Connie Huff, Doris Theeke, Karen Kranzush

Planned Giving

Denise Larson, Tom Karman, Doris Theeke, Pat Rindfleisch, Mike Meyer, and Wendy Tomcheck


Chris Maki, Sally Hansen, Karen Kranzush, Deb Rentmeester, Tia Thomas, Jeanne Van Den Elzen, Marsha & Don Wilkinson

*Monthly Council minutes and associated reports are placed in a binder in the top drawer of the usher’s nook after they are approved.