Coins in jar with growing plant

Donations of cash or personal checks can be brought to church and dropped in the collection plate.  Now that COVID restrictions have eased, we have brought back the collection plate!  To get proper tax credit for these donations, please be sure to put them in an envelope with your name on it.  This is especially important if you have made a pledge to assist us in formulating our annual budget each year. (Read why that matters here.  Get your form here!)

Did you know that every cent of a cash or check donation goes to our programs and services since there isn’t a fee associated with a third party vendor to process it?   That means making an in-person donation is a great way to stretch your gift.

When you are away, feel free to mail a personal check to:

First United Church of Christ

509 S. Webster Avenue

Green Bay, WI 54301

Thank you from the bottom of our heart!  We are grateful for all donations, no matter how they get to us.  But it’s extra special when you bring it and we’re privileged to have you worshipping with us.