Time & Talents

We value the volunteer time and creative gifts of all members and friends.  We are committed to helping people unwrap and share their God-given gifts in the church and in the world.  If you’d like to commit to serve the church with your time and talents, please fill out and return the “Time and Talent” form.

Planned Gifts

God has often blessed us with other assets to be stewards for.  While cash donations are the most common and easiest type of gift, there are a number of other ways you can support our church.  Planned gifts can often help you make a larger impact by tapping into non-cash assets.   Because the government incentivizes charitable giving, there are significant tax advantages by donating appreciated stocks, bonds, or mutual funds held more than a year.  

Gifts of appreciated homes, farms, and other real property can receive the same tax treatment as gifts of securities–a full fair market value deduction and no tax on capital gains.

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Legacy Gifts

Your greatest gift is often your legacy gift.  If you have been blessed in some way by First Church, you may wish to leave a legacy gift through your estate.  As you create or update your will, trust, retirement plan, or life insurance, you can specify that a gift goes to First Church.  

We are so grateful for your consideration of leaving a gift that will touch our church today…and tomorrow.  Please contact the office for more details or to discuss the possibilities.