Our Beliefs


The ministry of First Church is all about “One Thing” – the most important thing in life:   A GROWING RELATIONSHIP WITH JESUS.

Our goal is not to make members, but to lead people toward becoming followers of Jesus Christ.  We pray that when someone walks through the doors of First Church, they will begin a journey into Christian discipleship and experience the “One Thing”.

At First Church, we promote the five “G’s” associated with becoming a follower:  Grace, Growth, Groups, Gifts and Good Stewardship.  (This concept comes from the Willow Creek Community Church and is used with permission.)  Our Core Values guide each part of the journey toward a deeper relationship with Jesus.  To learn more about our core values, as well as our mission and vision, please see the document adopted by the Church Council here.

*Grace . . . is being bowled over by the unconditional love of God.
Worship – We value opportunities to respond to that extravagant love, by providing relevant, life-changing opportunities to worship God.
Welcome – All people matter to God and ought to matter to us.  For that reason, we place a high value on providing an environment which is welcoming to all people.

*Growth . . . is a vital part of Christian discipleship.  When a person makes a commitment to be a disciple, we pray that they will be determined to continually grow.
Spiritual Growth – We value an environment where people may learn about and experience a closer relationship with God.  Like any relationship, this happens when we intentionally seek to learn more about ourselves, others and God.
     PrayerWe value prayer as a way to connect with God and the power of the Holy Spirit.  We are committed to surrounding everything we do in prayer, seeking to put God first in every part of our ministry.
     InnovationWe value demonstrating the relevance of Jesus Christ in creative and innovative ways.  We believe that all areas of ministry should strive for a type of excellence which honors God.

*Groups . . . are an important way to experience growth.  Groups provide an opportunity to gather with other Christians in a more personal and supportive setting.
Small GroupsWe value small groups as a place for life-changing experiences of God’s love.  We are committed to modeling small group life in all aspects of church life.
Love & UnityWe value living lives that reflect the love of Jesus Christ.  We choose to be a community that accepts people wherever they are on their faith journey.  Respect, dignity, belonging and caring are signs of love and unity.

*Gifts . . . are God-given talents which each of us have been given to give glory to the name of Jesus.
Gifts MinistryWe value the gifts of all members and friends of First Church.  We are committed to helping people unwrap and share their God-given gifts in the church and in the world.

*Good stewardship . . . or giving, is how we live out our faith in acts of mission and service.
Servant LeadershipWe value opportunities to care for God’s creation.  “Stewardship” includes the privilege of financial giving, but is about much more than money.  It is the Holly Spirit using all areas of a person’s life to make a difference.  We are committed to reaching out to people so that they may experience a closer relationship with Christ.

As you explore your faith and church participation, we pray that you will indeed have a closer relationship with God.