Becoming a Member

Membership Matters

At First Church, we value participation.  We hope that as you  explore this ministry you will make worship and small groups a regular part of your faith journey. 

Membership is not required.  Whether you are a member or just test driving the ministry of First Church, we pray that you will feel like you belong.  Members and non-members have access to all areas of ministry–worship, small groups, pastoral care, baptisms, weddings and more.

So, why become a member?  Membership is a different level of commitment to the faith community.  It’s like marriage. . .in our culture you can share just about all aspects of life with another person without being married.  When you make a commitment to be married, you are taking your relationship to a whole new level.  You are saying, “I’m all in!”  When we become a member, we not only commit ourselves to Christ’s church, but also to other Christians and to the ministry of First Church.

As you explore Life at First, we pray that you will consider becoming a member and experience the joy of partnering in ministry with the nicest people in the Green Bay area!

If you are interested in learning more about membership or Life at First, contact our church office.


As you explore “Doing Life at First,” we want you to learn more about our church, our members, and most importantly, our vision for ministry.  We encourage friends and current members to become familiar with the “G’s” associated with Christian discipleship – Grace, Growth, Groups, Gifts and Good Stewardship – a concept which originated at Willow Creek Community Church in Illinois (used with permission).  “Doing Life at First,” our orientation class, will expand on that vision and will help you navigate the halls and prevailing culture at First United Church of Christ.


One of our most powerful small group ministries is “Unwrapping Our Gifts.”  It is a seven-week course based on the Biblical vision that all Christians, not just the ordained, are ministers. That’s right! You are a minister.

Name something you love to do.  Think about the gifts you use to do that activity.  Now imagine doing it to honor and serve God.

That’s what Unwrapping Our Gifts is about. You will learn more about yourself in a small supportive group setting and have the opportunity to explore ways to serve God with your gifts.

Look out! Once a person’s spiritual gifts are “unwrapped,” there is no stopping them. They find creative ways to use their gifts in ministries ranging from worship to hospitality to caring for people in the community. Some people have created new ministries at First Church and in the community. Others are leading small groups, using their gifts at work and in their homes.

God always dreams big things for us and gives us the gifts to make it happen.

We are only limited by our imagination . . .