When we experience the loss of a loved one, no matter how young or old they were, it is a sad time.  It is also a time to remember and even celebrate that person’s life.  Often times people will not be connected to a faith community, but would like a funeral or memorial service held in a church.  We welcome you to consider First Church as your home during this season of your life.  Our sanctuary is open for non-member funerals and memorial services which strive to be personal and God-centered.  Our minister will also conduct services at funeral homes or locations of your choice.  In addition to the service, our minister will meet with family members to plan how you would like to honor your loved one and get to know your family in a personal way.

There are no fees associated with the conduct of funerals and memorial services.  We realize that death comes at unexpected times and may find families not connected to a faith community.  In lieu of fees, families will often times offer an honorarium to clergy or a gift to the church.

If there is any way we can minister to you during your time of loss, we encourage you to call and speak with our minister.  920.437.4164